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  • Wide selection of music, movies, and games
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uTorrent – The Most Widely Used and Awarded BitTorrent Client

BitTorrent Inc.’s uTorrent is at this moment its most widely used client outside China. The name u comes from “micro“ and it was given to the program due to its small memory footprint – this piece of software is created to use as little of your computer’s resources as possible, without compromising the functionality level, which is comparable to that of BitTorrent’s larger clients, such as BitComet or Vuze.

System Requirements

This app is a lightweight freeware that attracted general praise due to the outstanding performance and stability it boasts with. Furthermore, it supports older versions of Windows and hardware, thus it’s very versatile and flexible in terms of compatibility. The operating systems the app is currently available for are Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, while recently a uTorrent server for Linux has been developed.

Although it has been designed to work on all Windows versions, the last version of the program currently requires at least Windows XP to run.


The program’s first release occurred in 2005, and it has been in constant development since. The original developer, Ludvig Strigeus, was suggested to create a small and efficient BitTorrent client, and after almost 2 years of work, mostly in his free-time, the version 1.1 beta was released on September 15, 2005. In 2006 uTorrent was purchaset by BitTorrent Inc.

The program was initially available only for Windows. It has become available for Mac OS X since the 27th of November 2008, and since September 2 2010 the uTorrent Server for Linux was given to use.

Features and Advantages

Leaving history aside, let’s turn our eyes to what makes this program so outstandingly popular. Prepare for a long list of features: video torrent streaming, IPv6 support, protocol encryption, UPnP for all Windows versions, peer exchange with other BitTorrents (such as libtorrent, Ktorrent or Vuze), a fully customizable bandwidth scheduler, a highly customizable user interface as well as a search bar, embedded tracker (for seeding without a list of the hosted torrents or a web interface). Moreover, the fact that it comes in 52 languages is another plus.

There are also surprises you might find while using it: two Easter eggs await those who are ready to explore all of uTorrent’s features. One of the Easter eggs has been selected number 1 by in 2008 in their “Top 10 Software Easter Eggs” chart.

As stated before, the program’s size is one of the main assets: it comes as one stand-alone executable file, the latest version for Windows having only 624 kb, and for MAC OS X – 2.42 MB. The early versions of this freeware software displayed advertisements in the web browser, but, since version 1.5, no ads can be found in the program.

How the General Public and Media See It

The way uTorrent has been received by the general public and the media is outstanding: everyone praised it for the use of minimal PC resources, a trait that sets him apart from the other clients.

• TorrentFreak said it was the richest BitTorrent client in terms of features, and their studies have shown the superiority of the program over Vuze.

• Wired also praised it, saying “its memory footprint is ridiculously small” while PC Magazine listed it in their Best Free 157 Software Tools due to its “outstanding array of features.”

• and maintain their opinion that it’s the best BitTorrent client, on account of the fact that it barely hinders you computer’s speed while running.

• A study revealed that over 52 million users were using uTorrent at the end of 2009, a figure boosted by the 52 languages the program is available in, from Arabic and Chinese to Urdu and Welsh.

Drawing the line, we can see how this tiny piece of software managed to impress people so much. The size, the reduced use of resources and the staggering number of features make sure not only to draw everyone’s attention, but to make it pretty much irresistible.

It is safe to say that there isn’t any other program out there worthy of comparison – saying that it’s the best software for downloading would not be an exaggeration. Whether you are just a typical torrent user or an expert looking for the very best of BitTorrent clients, the tiny but strong uTorrent is sure to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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